Humanist Calendar

Some general reminders about the project.

First, we decided to limit the nominees this time to people who have passed on.  This was for two reasons, one is to limit the scope.  The other was to limit our likelihood of copyright issues over images used.  I would add, that by delving into history, we show the depth and breathe of the movement and how critical humanists have been to getting us to where we are today.

Second, what you are seeing are names and people nominated by other BAH members.  These are the names or events in the actual post.

Third, I have focused on events and achievements for picking the months.  There are a lot of ways we can go and a lot of different calendars we can do.  I just personally think that it is what you do that counts and by focusing on events and not something random like a birthday.

Finally, there are a lot of calendars we can do as we move this project forward.  The focus right now is to be able to tell a story for each month.  I am willing to listen to other nominees for any month, but we need a story with the nominees at this point.  So if you have a nominee, please provide information about the nominee or event or achievement and why it is relevant to the month.

Each Month

Look at each month and in the comments sections select your favorite or make a suggestion.  If you make a suggestion, please add your rationale and not just a name.  In a couple of sentences or a quote or both, make your case.

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