Monthly Archives: November 2013

Welcome Humanists, especially those in the Billings Montana area

We are a group of skeptics, atheists, post-theists, agnostics, empiricists, existentialists, free thinkers and others who chose to live in a world where human values are based on human experience and not on divine inspiration.  As a group we are more on the secular side of the humanist movement.10309562_1_l We meet regularly in the Billings area. Check our meetup site for events, the next few are on the right of this page. If you have questions, you can send us a note at If you want to join our emailing list, send an email from the account your want to receive our newsletter, calendar of events and other notices to There are more ways to contact us on the contact us page. We are looking to network with other secular and/or humanist groups in the region.